Your Dental Vacation New smile For you and your family 2018
Your  Dental  Vacation     New smile For you and your family 2018 

Now it's Your Turn to Smile and Enjoy a Vacation under Sunny Skies.

Let us take care of all the details for you.

Visit Rosarito: vibrant Mexican beach

Rosarito, Baja California,  is the birthplace of Puerto Nuevo-style lobster and Baja Med cuisine, home to historical and ecological sites, hiking and fishing. US News & World Report named Rosarito one of eight top spots for outdoor activities, and the Guadalupe Wine Valley is only 37 miles away. Rosarito is home to Baja Studios, where Titanic, Master & Commander, All is Lost and many other blockbuster movies were made.

Just a 30-minute drive from Tijuana, Mexico, Rosarito Beach in Baja California, is home to some of the best surf Mexico has to offer. Baja juts out into the Pacific and is exposed to storm-generated swells that can come from the North Pacific, creating some of the best surfing conditions on the West Coast. Guests of the Rosarito Beach Hotel can ride the the waves where the Mexican national championships were held (they also offer lessons).What's more, guests can also ride ATVs or horses on the beach and golf at some of Mexico’s best courses.



Hang out with visitors and locals at the fun beaches of Rosarito, where the most popular nightclubs are located. Choose from a selection of beers at the famous Papas & Beer bar while listening to the waves and background music.



Surf at Punta Descanso and Punta Mezquite, or ride a motorcycle, kayak, or Jet Ski; if you’re feeling really adventurous try flying an ultralight aircraft. Practice fishing, mountain biking, or ride a 4x4 vehicle four through the desert dunes.  In the mood for the ocean? Enjoy see the traditional sailboat regattas on the blue waters of the Sea of ​​Cortez.



Try the famous Puerto Nuevo lobster or fresh seafood for which Baja is renowned. If international cuisine is what you’re craving, there is a wide variety of Chinese, French or Italian restaurants as well as traditional Mexican.

From the moment you step onto Rosarito’s boardwalk you can feel the gentle sea breeze while the sound of the pleasant waves takes you to a stress-free world, as it accompanies the sound of seagulls flying to break free and enjoy surfing, diving, hiking or bask in the nightlife.

Imagine lying on the beach while the sun rays tan your skin tersely and, in the distance, you see the whales migrating to warm waters. Going out after a relaxing massage in one of their spas, then enjoying a huge lobster... that’s just a pinch of what you’ll get in Rosarito.

Lodging and Eating in Rosarito Mexico


If your treatment takes more than a few hours or you just want to stay in  Rosarito, to look around, you might want to have some alternatives.   See the most used hotels and restaurants, by the patients of DenArt Center.

These emblematic tacos from Rosarito have been there for decades. The tacos are vast and full of flavor. The staff from this place is very friendly and they love their customers.

Dress Code: Casual. You can actually wear sandals and shorts.
They don´t take Credit Cards

Walking Distance 5 min

Very Safe

This place is about 20 minutes from Rosarito and situated on the beach. That is why, it´s famous fabulous ambience is a tradition for the community of La Mision. They also have a hotel attached to the restaurant. Their famous brunch is offered every Sunday with a great buffet.

Dress Code: Casual
They take Credit Cards
Mexican Food and Mexican / American Food

Driving Distance: 24 min

Very Safe

This is the most representative restaurant for the locals in Rosarito. It is decorated in a peculiar and antique way. It has a traditional big Mexican menu that they all love.

Dress Code: Casual
They take Credit Cards
Mexican Food

Walking Distance:  1 min

Very Safe

Locals and tourists love this place because of its hospitality, varied menu and a wonderful view. They have the famous Baja fish tacos. This is a casual place with Mexican and Mexican-American food. The owner is always there to make sure his customers are having a great time.

Dress Code: Casual
Only Cash

Driving: 20 min

Very Safe

This area is internationally well-known for the fresh and delicious lobster and seafood from every restaurant in the area. They all have a friendly ambience and exquisite food.

Dress Code: Casual
Most restaurants take Credit Cards
Mexican Seafood Food

Driving Distance: 16 min




City Express Hotel

is located right by Pabellon Rosarito; the main mall in town. It´s a business hotel chain with very reasonable rates. 


Driving Distance  10 min

Very Safe




Our Top Choice.

 Rosarito Beach Hotel

This is the most famous and legendary beachfront hotel in Rosarito. Located in Rosarito´s downtown, they are well prepared for every tourist and their service is outstanding. 


Walking Distance  8 min

Driving  3 min

Very Safe

Las Rocas Resort & Spa

This hotel is ideal for spending some vacations and a wonderful time with a beautiful view because the property was built on a cliff. The staff is always ready to offer an extraordinary service. 


Driving Distance  14 min

Very Safe

Try the lobster tacos and other Rosarito delights

Lobster is synonymous with Puerto Nuevo in Rosarito along with multiple delicacies for the palate. A single visit will not be enough to taste the variety of dishes perfectly prepared by experienced and internationally awarded chefs, so you have to come again and again.

Just for You.

Specials Rate have been negociate specially for you during your treatments at the DentArt Clinics in San Diego, Tijuana and Rosarito.  Let us make your Dental Vacation easy on you, and let us handle all your reservation; for transportation,  your dental treatments, logding and eating.