Your Dental Vacation New smile For you and your family 2018
Your  Dental  Vacation     New smile For you and your family 2018 

Here are 9 top Recommendations to help you, to have a successful Dental Vacation.

Let us take care of all the details for you.

Recommendation 1
Focus on relaxing.  

 You need a healthy immune system for your dental surgery, such as dental implants, sinus lift, or multiple extractions. Just like any other surgical procedure, you need to be in top shape to avoid any complications during your oral surgery and to recover quickly after the oral surgery.

Recommendation 2
Don’t book local tours and activities ahead of the initial consultation.   

Avoid booking and pre-paying for local activities before you see your  dentist.  Even if you got a preliminary treatment plan from your dentist before you travel (via Xrays), the dental plan can change during the clinical evaluation (when you sit on the dental chair in Mexico).  Set any activities after the dentist establishes your appointment days and times during your dental tourism stay.

Recommendation 3
Don’t prepay for your dental work in full. 

It’s not a good idea to pre-pay for your dental work before you travel to Mexico for your dental vacation.  More importantly, don’t agree to pre-pay your entire treatment plan in full after the initial consultation.  You should only pay for what’s due.  

Recommendation 4
Experience and test your new teeth before you fly back.
Before you fly back home, try your newly installed teeth. If you feel any discomfort, your  dentist can still make adjustments before you leave.  Don’t schedule your dental trip too tight. Allow some time to try your dental work before you hop on the flight back home.  After you get your final crowns or dentures, go try the buffet and try them out for a couple of days during your  dental vacation. By doing so, you can have your dentist  make any necessary adjustments before you fly back.  Discover sore spots and uncomfortable areas before you leave. You can save yourself an entire trip back to Mexico for these important and fine tuning adjustments.

Recommendation 5

Don’t negotiate shortened timeframes for your dental work.  Some people shop for dentist that can do their full mouth restorations in one week. A one week time frame is good for a few crowns or veneers, but not for a full smile makeover.  Dentistry requires a step by step process.  It requires artistry, patience, engineering, and skilled hands. 

Recommendation 6
All depending your treatments.


  • Snorkeling: You might be tempted. But your surgery site can pick up an infection from snorkeling.  Plus, if you have to dive, the water pressure can cause your surgery site to bleed.
  • Sun tanning:  will causes your body to heat up, blood pressure to go up, and your wound to possibly open.  When you have a wound in your mouth, you use ice packs to reduce the swelling. Furthermore, some antibiotics that you might be taking after the surgery can cause you to be extra sensitive to the sun.   A little bit of sun is acceptable, but don’t get a sun burn.
  • Soft diet:  Avoid quantity of food at  the  buffet at your hotel.  Just stick to soft diet such as lukewarm soup if you had surgery.  Chips and salsa are to avoid.
  • Spicy foods: Spicy foods may irritate your surgery site.
  • Soda: Dont drink soda, coffee and wine. The composition of these drinks can adversely affect your dental surgery.

Recommendation 7
Don’t walk around carrying your cash.
At both clinic in Tijuana and Rosarito you have the option of paying through debit or credit card at the dental facilities without any extra charges.  This allows you to avoid having to carry so much cash during your dental vacation.  

Recommendation 8
Get a written treatment plan
After the initial consultation, request for a written treatment plan, with teeth numbers. Review exactly what type of dental work will be done on each tooth.  Know how much is your total financial commitment. For major dental work treatments, give yourself at least a few hours to review your  dentist’s recommendations.

Recommendation 9
Request Pre and Post-Procedure X-rays
Ask for your X-rays before you leave. Review them with your Mexico dentist before you leave. You can use these X-rays to 
prove / disprove that your dental work was done correctly. Periaphical x-rays can show if crowns were not sealed properly or if implants have enough bone to hold them in place.  Remember you might need  your X-rays to get reimbursements from your American dental insurance.  

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